Video:Mondrian-Last Breakfast on Planet Surf

I don’t really know anything about this band Mondrian. They are from Paris,France. They make catchy pop music that I would compare to whatever you would think Broken Bells,Pete Bjorn and Jone, the Shins or Vampire Weekend sounds like except they don’t sound like those bands. Its indie-pop. They emailed me this video and I thought it was funny cause it has a lady making really bizarre sandwhiches out of what could be her chopped up ex-boyfriend in her underwear and the song is catchy.The video is both sexual and gross. They also told me all of France reads my blog.

Here is their Blog
Here is an event page for this video because they were proud of it.

They claim their other videos have one rewards so watch them after the jump.:

“Love, A Collision” has some office dorks getting hammered at the company party and trying to holler at babes until someone gets beaten with a baseball bat.

“Beware! The Killer!” explores infidelity with violent results.