Video:L.e.-“Bulldog BMX”

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L.e. for the Uncool brings it on this video and reps Columbus properly. Footie of Ender, Rilla and others from the WTC. The video has effects that remind me of Pharcyde’s “Drop” with L.E. riding his BMX backwards at times. The song itself is a banger. L.E. raps with urgency over a bassline that will get stuck in your brain immediatley. Shots to Milk N Syrup’s Ralph Rude on the cameo.

  • Diamond Method

    Nice. L.E. has been one of my favs since I first heard that ‘Closed Doors, Open Windows’ mixtape.

  • andy hams

    lol. i got a throw up in the exterior shot at the beginning.

  • stulee

    Proper Columbus representation for sure…but “a bassline that will get stuck in your brain immediatley.” Gimme a break…shit’s weak.

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  • dumiledungarees

    What’s questionable, stulee is the graffiti you have on your tumbler. Not questionable as in dangerous or sketchy but questionable as in lame and mediocre street art by limited offenders.

    • stulee

      Dude, totally true; that was my first attempt at layered images/stencil work. A little sloppy but recognizable.

  • boras

    I like this a lot, good shit.

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