Ghost Shirt: Single #21

MP3: Single #21 – Pike Bishop

From Branden:

Here is our first collaboration of many. This song features Shane Sweeney (2 cow garage) on bass and Micah Schnabel (2 cow garage) on vocals with me. This was absolutely so much fun to record with them and they will be back several times before the end of the year. The next song will feature Natey Rothacker (trainwreck, tenacious D at bonaroo ) on drums. This Tuesday we are recording one with the amazing Dane Terry on keys and vocals.

I will be hitting the road with Micah for 3 weeks in august to support ghost shirt’s first release. The CD release party will be at Rumba cafe with the release of the Hot 17 book on Friday July 9th with Envelope, Two Cow Garage, New City Gypsy, Low Men, Wing and Tusk and The Receiver. Summer is busy and awesome.

52 Singles in 52 Weeks

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