Columbus’ CD101 Moving to 102.5

WOSU Public Media, through its licensee, The Ohio State University, has agreed to terms to acquire frequency, 101.FM, to expand WOSU’s public service broadcasting for the region. WOSU expects to officially take over the station within 90 days pending FCC approval.

WWCD 101.1FM is a locally owned alternative rock radio station, which will continue to provide its programming through 102.5FM. (more info)

If you call your radio station CD101 but it’s found on 102.5 FM, you might be a redneck.

  • josh

    fuck you guys for taking the best country station off the radio

  • josh, 102.5 was never on the air as a country station to stay.

    It was moved from Zanesville – and originally, an adult contemporary station (that moved to 92.7) – solely to gain money to sell or lease the station to another operator.

  • Clinton

    Central Ohio had WAY too many country stations anyway. Makes sense now. Not sure why 102.5 was stolen from Zanesville to make another country station.

  • Amy

    This whole thing is silly for 101.

    They threw away 20 years a brand equity for a few dollars and a few more watts.

    They may try and spin this positive, but it’s still just a dumb idea.

  • sue

    there are way too many country stations, it is great for Cd101. Much better than having CD101 leave forever! it is the music that matters!

  • sound is too low

    Anyone else notice that if you go from 101 to 102.5 the volume and signal quality on 102.5 is worse? I have to turn up my volume and there is no bass to the songs. Sigh. way to go 101. sell out your brand and turn my car stereo into a transistor radio. Time to look at Sat. Radio I guess.