Photos: Cinderella in Columbus

After those great New Pornographers photos in the last post, these are going to seem strictly amateur. The Scorpions canceled their Columbus show this past Wednesday due to an illness (and some speculation that this was the smallest venue on the tour and therefore not worthwhile for The Scorpions to play) but opening act Cinderella stuck around and went from opening act to headliner. Not sure whose idea was it to make a free show, but by doing so, it insured that the LC was packed full of ’80s hair metal fans, bikers, college kids, and everything in between. The free show meant that people had more money to spend on beer, which they did, and I can’t remember the last time I saw so many fights and drunk people get dragged out by their friends and/or security. Despite this, Cinderella put on a great show, performing all the hits that fans expected (see set list below) and sounding rather good.

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