Videos: Gibson Bros – “Moon Twist,” Scrawl – “Breaker Breaker,” more…

Scott Johnson shot some pretty great video of Saturday’s Parking Lot Blowout in Columbus. Here’s a couple vids from the Gibson Bros reunion and several from Scrawl’s set.

Dan Dow does his screwy version of Neil Young’s “Ohio”

Scrawl – “I’m Ready”

More good Scott Johnson PLBO stuff from those two bands here. Pics coming soon. Anybody got New Bomb Turks video?

  • ben

    Huge props to Scott for doing this and organizing the live stream. Both are/were awesome and the effort was anything but trivial.

  • It was very cool to tune in since I couldn’t be there due to some traveling that day. One question I have for those there in person – was the Gibson Bros. sound not so great or was that just the way it sounded on the stream? The vocals were hard to hear and Dan’s guitar seemed to be turned up louder than anything else. Could have just been where the camera was positioned. Still, very cool … I hope that SXSW starts doing live streams so I won’t feel so bad if I can’t make it in the future.