RIP Andy “Andyman” Davis of CD101

Update: from Rachael @ CD101: We have just announced a public remembrance for Andyman at the Newport Music Hall, this Thursday, from 7 to 10pm. Also, an Andy Davis Memorial Fund has been set up to benefit his family. Donations can be made at any Huntington National Bank branch or at the CD101 studios.

Very sad news in Columbus. CD101 deejay, program director, former namesake/owner of the Treehouse and Columbus institution Andy “Andyman” Davis passed away.

About 9:45pm tonight, CD101 (@102.5 FM) tweeted: “We pay tribute to @AndymanCD101 tonight at 10. He will be missed greatly.” At 10pm, after playing a Wings song, Joe Jewett came on the air to announce that Andyman drowned on Saturday night while vacationing with his family in Michigan. He leaves behind a wife and three sons.

He’ll be missed by many.

  • I have nothing but great memories when Andy comes to mind. I am shocked and floored by the news. My heart goes out to his family in this time of great sadness. I will miss you my friend….

  • Much love to Andyman. My memory of you will always include your marathon DJ sets during the Andyman-a-thon.

    RIP brother

  • Andy was a great dude and really supportive of Every time I saw him, in Austin or Columbus, he was always the sweetest.

  • Debbie Laughlin

    Andyman, we have known you for so many years, you grew up in the neighborhood. We will miss you and our hearts go out to your family.
    They are all in our prayers. How tradgic this is. We never know when it is our time to go, we just must all be ready to face our maker. Know you are loved and will be missed greatly Andy,
    Love, Patrick and Debbie Laughlin and family

  • Melissa

    RIP Andyman, such terribly sad news. I know this is so shocking to us all. All I can think of is his positivity, sense of humor and great taste in music. We are all better off because he lived. My heart goes out to his family, close friends and the whole Columbus music community whose lives he touched. Thanks for being such an awesome guy Andy. We miss you.

  • jonathan Wheeler

    In my line of work I experience the passing of many great people; its sad but I’ve become somewhat desensitized. I am quite saddened by this news. Andyman, you will be highly missed. As a friend put, you will be taking calls from the big treehouse in the sky. My thoughts/prayers go out to your family. Damn.

  • Julie Miller

    I am shocked and saddened by this news. My sympathy to his family.

  • Pete Faust

    We’ll miss you buddy. We love you.


    i’ll always remember when he yelled at me for saying shit on the air…

  • Michelle

    I am incredibly saddened by the shocking news. I have some wonderful memories and shared music experiences with Andy that I will cherish. He was truly a wonderful person who will be greatly missed by the community and beyond.
    Thoughts and prayers to his family.

  • rudyg

    This is so wrong and way to early for him to be taken.
    It hurts knowing i cant say goodbye or sorry.
    Long live the smiles he created on the boys and girls he help save lives.
    I for one am crushed and numb.
    Miss you already big guy.
    Love you Andyman.
    Rest in Peace and rock the heavens loud!

  • Allen Rantz

    Andyman was one of the truly nice guys in radio. He always checked in with me when he drove through Dayton and I fondly remember a great Sunday afternoon with The Polyphonic Spree for their “Big Room” performance a few years back. He invited myself and my daughter for the day and made sure that Kayleigh got a seat in the control room for the show. The last time I saw him was at the K.T. Tunstall show in Columbus and he bought me a beer. I guess I still owe him one,…Andy you will be missed. Best wishes to his family and his audience.

  • Steve Hansell

    Andy was a fabulous DJ and an even better man. There are people who just cannot be replaced, and Andyman is one of them. There will be always be a empty day-part on cd101, and an empty pew and St. Timothy’s.

    • Kristy Kateri

      Andy, you and your family are in my prayers…May the Eternal Light shine on you…. Peace be With you and your family…. Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee, and blessed is the fruit of your womb-Jesus. Holy Mary , Mother of God, Pray for us, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

  • Jason Matthew Kusowski

    Sometimes you have the pleasure of meeting someone that from the first moment you meet them you know you like them. Someone that is extremely genuine and all heart. Andy was one of these people. There will forever be a hole in this city with his absence. He will be missed more than he could ever know.

  • Andy was a great soul mate. I will miss him with all my heart . I remember Andy first as a student of mine at The American School of Broadcasting years ago. We became friends the first day. He got me back into radio after years of thinking I was done. He will forever be in my heart and my heart is very sad.

  • Jon Clipson

    I heard this news this morning and I’m already missing the shit out of Andyman. Even for those like me that only met him in person a couple of times at CD101 events, he just felt like somebody you knew- something along the lines of a crazy cousin that everybody loved. Hopefully Andyman-a-thon will continue and us CD101 listeners will make it bigger than ever in his honor…..”Takin’ calls.”

  • Tony Envelope

    Andyman was a good man. Every interaction I had with him felt genuine. He was a rarity in this town and it’s fair to say he would of been a rare soul anywhere he went. My condolences to his family and the whole CD101 gang.

  • Mike Brown

    This is a painful loss for the entire Columbus Experience. He was an authentic voice that never dulled in its passion for independent music, radio and art.
    I was able to spend time with him before the Hold Steady show last week at the Newport, and wish I’d spent more…

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  • Rudy Milosevich

    Andy was the only interviewer I ever heard who was genuinely cooler and more knowledgable than virtually all his subjects. The man loved Columbus and we were so lucky to share his infectious love of music. My heart goes out to Molly and his 3 beautiful children. I will tell my children and grandchildren about his accomplishments and the great support he provided local musicians, not to mention the time he devoted to helping the kids. Takin calls…..

  • Chris Sheehan

    Andy was an absolutely great man and tireless advocate for Columbus and its music community over the years. I have many great memories of him on the air, particularly his Christmas Andy-Man-A-Thon, and talking music at the Treehouse. I know on a number of occasions he had opportunities to leave town to pursue other endeavors but chose to stay because he loved it here. A truly unique and genuine character who will be missed. My heart goes out to his family . . .

  • Tom Butler

    Andy gave my shot in radio and taught me a lot about radio and life. He was a genuinely good person who was always trying to be an even better person. He had endless reserves of kind words and smiles. I will miss him for that. I will also miss the endless b-horror film discussions we had and even the intense screaming about politics fights. I love you brother and I miss you like crazy.

  • Eric Brooker

    A truly great man has passed and I feel honored and blessed to have known him. We were good friends in high school and during our college years and we had numerous adventures and learned many life lessons together along with a tight knit group of Watkins Warriors. Andy always exuded an infectious positive attitude and love for life and all that it offers. Tonight I will play the White album and remember the good times.

    Rest in peace brother,

  • Larry

    For those of us who knew Andy, we will have a void in our hearts for a great man, friend and super person to everyone he touched. For those who had not met or knew Andy personally, beleive everything you read and hear about him. My heart goes out to Molly, children and the many family and friends of this great-hearted man.

    I’ll miss you!

  • What can I even say? Although Andy occupied an exalted position in local media, he treated *no one* like he was better than them in any way, much less the king of the city–though in many ways and to many people, he was the most connected, well-known, coolest guy in town. He and Quinn Fallon, equal co-managers of Andyman’s Treehouse, were the kind of bosses everyone hopes for when I spent five years at the Treehouse in their employ. They gave me a chance at my first full-time bar job, working the door and barbacking and eventually tending bar. I made so many good friends there and had doors opened for me that I’m still benefitting from.

    But most of all I love Andy for never hesitating to call me his friend, or more importantly to treat me like one. It’s not as if he needed to say such kind things or be so attentive, or treat my girlfriends so well, or let our political and religious differences go without the slightest hard feeling after an engaging discussion. I missed knowing him after I left the Treehouse. Now I can only say my thoughts are with his wife, and with his children. But Molly has the most to handle today, and my heart breaks for her.

    Our city has lost something so very important. But for a man who died young, long before his time…what a legacy.

    Andy Henderson
    Andyman’s Treehouse 1999-2004

    There are beautiful things about Andy Davis I know I will never find in another person.

  • Victor Valentine

    No follow up or details about the drowning? Probably drunk at the time.

    “There’s one outta the way.” – Bob Connors