Tonight: Weezer at the Ohio State Fair

This summer, Weezer has taken the festival/state fair route rather than a full-blown arena tour as one might expect they would have undertaken. Perhaps it’s the state of the touring economy, where tour after tour is either being scaled back or flat out canceled. No doubt, there will be a healthy-sized crowd tonight – present company included – at the Celeste Center on the Ohio State Fairgrounds, all of whom will have paid in the neighborhood of $36 per ticket. Motion City Soundtrack opens the show which is scheduled to start around 7pm.

Perhaps the biggest Weezer fan in attendance tonight will be my 5-year-old Piper who, if given the opportunity, would probably hop on stage to lend her vocals to “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”.

  • khan

    At 2:51 she tilts her head & looks like the dude in the Alberta Cross advertisement up in the right corner.

    Cute video. Hope she has fun at the show.