Video: Sonic Youth in Prospect Park

Might as well just set up a tent in Prospect Park this week. Friday night we saw The Low Anthem and The Swell Season kill it, and Saturday was one of the best Sonic Youth shows I’ve ever seen. Here’s some video evidence:

See another video from Big Ass Lens..

Prospect Park and Celebrate Brooklyn close out their great season with some awesome hitters: tomorrow night is Dead Weather, Thursday is Metric with Holly Miranda and Joan as Policewoman (free), and Saturday is Sharon Jones and The Budos Band (also free). I’ll be at every one of them.

  • Highben

    duffy pls. record S.J.&T.D.K. for me. and post to NEC>!!!! thaks and pls.

  • BAL

    Hey Robert! Thanks for sharing our video. This was the tightest show I’ve seen all summer, and I’m glad we ended up documenting it. Video of “Silver Rocket” and “Shadow of a Doubt” (just added), at the original post, here:


  • Richard HJ

    Really enjoyed that. Greetings from Manchester, UK.