MP3:Casual-Powder(flipping Kanye’s Power)/Casual-Casual-ual

MP3:Casual-Powder(Casual Redoing of Kanye West’s Power)
Casual from Heiro flips Kanye’s Power. Not sure is if he is calling Kanye a cokehead, freemason tool of the Illuminati or just speaking on the idea in general. Casual also goes into some Egyptology in this as well.

Casual-ual is a off of
MP3:Casual-Casual-ual(produced by Rod Shields

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Casual-Tua Ra

And Casual wants to make sure everyone has seen this video of him rhyming in Medu Natar an Ancient Egyptian language. Didn’t know this was the Bay Area rappers new direction but it makes sense since his crew is called Hierogylphics.

  • just to clarify, Casual-ual! isn’t off his upcoming album, it’s off Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape, which you can download for free @ . It also has new tracks from DaVinci, Nio Tha Gift, Equipto, Roach Gigz, and many more.

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    Real n*ggas do real things , get at him SMASH. Kanye holla at that man.