MP3:L.E.forTheUncool ft Naledge(Kidz In the Hall)-Lifestyle Excessive

MP3:L.e.Fortheuncool-Lifestyle Excessiveness Feat Naledge

L.e. for the Uncool teams up with Naledage from Kidz in the Hall.
Beat by Rashad. Thats right Columbus cats with a Duck Down artist on a track.
Song itself is dope. Basically about being true to yourself…. L.e. makes a good point about not calling yourself the next Dilla or Pac and just doing you.
J. Rawls leaked this last night. It’s the first jam off of L.e.’s upcoming mixtape “The Measure”, which is set to drop August 31st.

  • How long you gonna be on these guys nuts Wes? They have to be your friends, like most of the, you’re writing about. Just because they are the most well known hip-hop doesn’t mean they’re good…or that you should keep covering them.

  • bidsRawK

    ^dangdang somebody MAD :|

  • Diamond Method

    Somewhat ‘known’ and very ‘good’ are valid reasons to cover him. L.E. is pretty damn good, if not one of the best around and I for one like to know what he’s up to.

  • This guy is good. Stu’s a baby.

  • Mic

    Last time i checked, L.E. was just one dude. STU—->STFU.

  • That explains why his beats are weak. He can’t spit rhyme so I wouldn’t expect his beats to be any better. Thanks for clearing that up, I won’t be so harsh on him next time.