Photos: Devo, Ra Ra Riot at the Ohio State Fair

Devo, Ra Ra Riot
Ohio State Fair I Columbus, OH
August 4, 2010

Words by Adriana Mundy

Devo? At the fair? That was my first reaction a few months back when I first got the news. Second reaction: Definitely going. (No. Matter. What!) The Ohio State Fair is always quite a spectacle between the people watching, fried everything and of course the butter cow, but last Wednesday it was definitely the unofficial Columbus rockers night at the fair. I can’t recall who I didn’t see at some point in the evening googly-eyed with anticipation to see the first idols of Akron.

Devo blew my mind for an entire hour and a half last week and I’ve since set my show standards higher. They’re a perfectly organized and ridiculously kinetic, unmistakable force. They penetrate right through your psyche to rip out any reservations you might have about how to go wild at a rock show. I, for one, don’t know that I’ve ever danced at a concert so much.

The bottom line is, seeing Devo was like seeing history. Sure it would’ve been great to have seen them in the ’70s, but I wasn’t alive then. They’re still having fun, still rocking out, still being weird and still delivering in 2010. (New tunes and all!) We’re all proud of our music culture in Ohio and seeing a band like that still going strong epitomizes that point perfectly. Thanks Devo.

Full Devo set

Ra Ra Riot

Syracuse natives Ra Ra Riot were the lucky openers, kicking off the evening energetically. Their sound has matured quite a bit since they hit the scene with a bang in 2007. (They’ve since headlined in the UK and US twice.) With as hard as these kids seem to work, it’s no wonder they were on this bill.

Full Ra Ra Riot set

  • indieorbust

    If you like Ra Ra Riot, you should for sure check out Stonoway’s new album “Beachcomber’s Windowsill.” It’s ridiculous!

    Here’s a link to their video “Watching Birds” from the new album: