MP3:Lil B-Swag Like Ohio


MP3:Lil B – Swag Like Ohio
Lil B made an Ohio song. On the song he says 30,000 for a feature..but if you are hood its only 10,000…and Ohio swag swag swag.
Maybe Lil B saw the video of CJ, Ralph Rude, Fly Union and other cooking…I have no idea. He does mention Carlos Rossi But CJ stand-up. Lil Franz stand-up. Fly U stand-up. Ralph Rude stand-up. Kreg and Dez stand-up. Johnny Cashola stand-up. Thought Set stand-up. Copywrite stand-up. Weedsteeler stand-up.
And everyone say, “Thank you based god.”



  • thank you based god…

  • it may be about ohio

    … but its still one of the worst songs i’ve ever heard

    • DeeBoo

      l totally agree only thing people be on is his beats bcuz his lyrics are weak

  • weedsteeler

    Has any one figured out who school boy is yet?

  • womp womp


    nobody forgot about the rap talent shows you used to run at highfive…

  • hoesonmydick

    #cause i look like matlock

  • weedsteeler

    oh !
    like in elementary school?

  • hoesonmydick

    cause i look like gorden gee

  • semensauce

    I wouldn’t have sex to this song no matter how big mandingo’s dick was


    This song is fun. Ohio is cool.

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