My Ticket Home signs to Rise Records

I’m out of touch with what the kids listen to but apparently My Ticket Home, a screamo band from right here in the 614, has signed to Rise Records.

Congrats fellas.

Here’s a taste of My Ticket Home’s music.

  • coydog

    It’s like Attack! Attack! without the hooks.

  • old fart

    the only thing that beats getting signed to a label is that moment you realise that it’dont mean shit. Good luck boyz..I hate your guitar tone and that gay fucking dancing shit you all do on stage but hey…your doing something.

  • old fart

    sorry I said that guyz, I actually just had a day of rough anal sex with my partner and that had me rather upset. What I meant to say is that your music rocks harder than my boyfriend was last night :) And that gay dancing, I just now realized that’s actually just stage presence, but a guy like me that pretends to listen to sweet bands like The Who but actually spends most of my time listening to Hanson (you know, the guys that Bieber’d it before Justin Bieber) and Enrique Iglesias.
    Next time maybe I’ll think twice and actually listen to your music before I post such a heinous and stupid comment.