Ex-Warrant singer Jani Lane now fronting Great White

If you happened to catch the clip on YouTube of Great White singer Jack Russell falling on stage earlier this summer (fast forward to 2:12), you know that Russell’s in pretty bad shape following a number of health issues.

At the end of August, it was announced that ex-Warrant singer Jani Lane (most recently in the news due to a DUI) would be filling in the rest of Great White’s tour dates for 2010. The biggest question was which Jani Lane would show up – the drunk one who was booted from Warrant’s reunion tour in 2008 or the sober, top-of-his-game one that I saw perform a great show at the Alrosa in 2007?

You be the judge. Here’s Jani Lane singing “Face the Day” with Great White on October 1.

Here are the remaining tour dates for Great White in 2010.

  • tracy roxx

    will they be doing any WARRANT songs??

  • Jennifer L.

    I saw Jani Lane do a solo show in Las Vegas in Feb 2010. He was so wasted on beer and whatever else he had in him, that he couldn’t even stand up straight, and in fact fell over on the second song when we went to grab the microphone. I really love seeing Jani Lane perform. The show that night was so bad, only because he was beyond wasted. I won’t go into all the details. I ended up just leaving after maybe 6 songs. I couldn’t take anymore of it. The band was great though. I would see Jani in a heartbeat any day. Drinking is one thing, wasted where you can’t even sing or songs or stand up with out falling over is another. This video is great though. I really do love Jani and I hope that he can find a balance with the drinking.

  • Tim S.

    Went out last night to see some bands and was suprised to hear that Great White was the main band. I wasn’t a real big fan of Great White but knew several of their songs. When they came out, I looked at the singer and didn’t think it was the guy I remembered singing for them. The songs sounded ok but didn’t stick around for whole set. While getting into the car in the parking lot, I could still hear them playing and heard the lyrics for Uncle Tom’s Cabin. That’s when it hit me that that had to have been Jani Lane singing. He actually performed pretty good and sounded pretty good. Had to look it up and see for sure if that was him. Glad he wasn’t wasted as we probably would have left earlier.

  • Kari

    I saw Jani Lane play with Great White just last month. I was very impressed. I really hadn’t followed him since the 80’s and just had found out that night that he would be singing with Great White (Warrant opened for them!! How weird was that?). Anyway, both bands sounded surprisingly very good. Jani didn’t seem drunk at all and he sounded very good!!

    • Michael

      That is weird but I had read a press release that stated they (Jani and Warrant) parted due to created differences but remain friends. I believe this is mostly true since Warrant’s new stuff is much edgier. I’m a huge Jani Lane fan. I think he was ahead of his time when it came to song writing.

  • Bob

    I’ve always thought that Jani Lane was a very good songwriter. Whatever demons he’s battling, I hope he can overcome. In this video he sounds like he’s at the top of his game vocally. I’m actually pretty impressed.

  • Jim S

    I’ll bet they still don’t come near Rhode Island.

    too bad. Jani sounds better than Jack has in like 10 years.