Thursday: forgetters at Circus

Had I not stumbled upon Matthew Berlyant’s review of the debut double 7″ by forgetters on The Big Takeover website last week, I probably would have missed this show. As it was, the mere mention of a new band featured ex-Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil singer/guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach was enough to make me fire up Google and find out anything and everything I could about forgetters (no “the” and lowercase “f”, thank you very much). There’s not a lot out there, but I did find some concert dates posted on the band’s blog and was shocked to see a Columbus date at Circus (sorry Benco, I’ll check out your site way more often to see who else you’ve booked!).

SPD GVNR and The Kyle Sowashes round out the bill. Tickets are $12 at the door. All the details here.

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