Friday: Helmet/Intronaut @ Skully’s

Metal Rob tells me to put all my money in Intronaut stock. “They have the potential to be the next Mastodon,” he says. I have little reason to doubt Metal Rob as he is all knowing. Intronaut’s third album, Valley of Smoke, was released this week and is full of proggy, post-metal with jazzy instrumental Sabbath-y breakdowns. The one thing that always kept me from digging this band as much as Metal Rob were the gutteral, barking vocals but they’ve remedied that on Valley of Smoke with, dare I say, melodic singing?

Intronaut opens for the legendary Helmet who released Seeing Eye Dog last month. While Page Hamilton is the only original member of the band that formed in the late ’80s, even the most current material retains the heavy, chunky signature Helmet sounds. Last time these guys headlined a Columbus show (at the Ravari Room), they melted faces. Expect the same on Friday night.

Doors are at 7, show starts around 8. In addition to the main attractions (Helmet, Intronaut), two local bands – Bastards and Absolute Magnitude – get things started at Skully’s. Tickets at the door are $18.

  • Lest anyone ignore Intronaut because Mastodon “sold out”:

    “Potential to be the next Mastodon” means both bands have insanely talented musicians and share prog-metal sensibilities, but Intronaut haven’t quite reached multi-million dollar sales (yet).

  • I was always a huge Helmet fan. Their first two albums are classics.

  • kelly

    Did anyone catch the show? I heard that Intronaut had a killer set!

  • Intronaut did have a killer set, as did Helmet. We’ll be posting a video interview with Page Hamilton sometime in the near future.