Photos: Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax @ The LC

Tours sponsored by corporations aren’t bad when a) the corporation is Jagermeister and b) they feature 3 bands from 1991’s Clash of the Titans tour. There were Jager banners hanging all over the LC at the venue’s last outdoor show of the season and both the bands (Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax) and the MC (comedian Jim Florentine) made sure to get in Jager plugs whenever they could. Still, it was all good – a beautiful summer-like fall night with heavy, heavy music filling the night air.

Anthrax (set list)

Megadeth (set list)

Slayer (set list)

  • Robert Duffy

    those dudes are evil

  • weedsteeler

    heavy-ish music….

  • Brian

    One of the best shows ever! All three bands were amazing!

  • DJSE

    I saw the first leg of this tour – so jealous that you guys got Anthrax instead of Testament. (Nothing against Testament – I’ve just been an Anthrax fan since before Joey left the first time.) Great photos – can’t get over the gray in those beards…

  • AuntieEvil

    Saw the opening night in Dallas – f’ng AWESOME. Loved seeing Anthrax; would have been just as glad to see Testament – too bad they couldn’t add Exodus too! ^_^ There’s three that should go out together: Anthrax-Testament-Exodus. \m/^_^\m/

  • I agree there should be a tour with Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, and Exodus, as the “Big 4” and Overkill can be the opener. Metallica can go play with Pearl Jam, and the other grunge bands and get off the metal stage. How about changing there name to “Grungica” haha…
    What about the new Big 4 touring with Nuclear Assault or Vio-Lence? They were awesome bands back in the day…. And M.O.D. too, they are still a huge influence to people, even if the controlled media won’t push them.