Sweatin’ Halloween Costume Contest Tomorrow

Scotty wanted me to give this a a little push…And why not? Donewaiting alumAdulture is returning from Chicago. And there is a costume contest with over 1,000 dollars worth of prizes from all those great vendors.

In an slightly unrelated note Milk Bar has restocked their popular OHIO VS. THE WORLD Sweatshirt.

  • Joel Oliphint
  • wes flexner

    it’s based on a Black Keys shirt which is based on…

  • bsa

    and thats how you rock a straight letter.

  • I like the t-shirt. But why is the crew sweatshirt making a comeback?!? Gross.

  • weedsteeler

    andrew you are out of touch…

  • wes flexner

    i just want to know what the prize from Dreadfull Sounds is.

  • I’m sure I am out of touch. So, why is the crew sweatshirt back? I really don’t know or understand.