Photos: The Godz @ The Lifestyle Communities Pavilion

Someday I will write story of Columbus graffiti’s roots in Biker rock. Untill then here are some candid pictures of Columbus, Ohio Biker rock legends The Godz.

Eric Moore is my close friend Alex Moore’s dad.

I was unable to go to the November 5th show but another one of our friends, B , caught some candid pictures of the The Godz at the LC and also hanging out out at the Carabar after the show.

  • weedsteeler

    finally some interesting photos on donewaiting!!!!

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  • Tom Butler

    Avengers MC

  • muc

    very cool. the Godz kick butt. great to see eric back on the bass. hpoe it was a great show for eric and the godz and AD and mr wyld.

  • Fuckin E-mo, how the hell ya! Chainsaw here, and I’ve been tryin to get in touch with you, since I’ve been back in Columbus. About a year now! Anyway, I’ve been jammin with Tommy Williams (JD Blackfoot) for about 10 months now, and have played several gigs with his band (The Cadillaxe)! But I’m ready to rock again, I need to sit down and talk to you! I’m sure you heard about Garratt just recently passing away! He wanted him and I to put something together, but he was just too far gone man (it was sad) But anyway, we need to talk! And I’ve tried everything from The Godz fanclub to Godz history (hate mail) and still haven’t been able to contact you old bastard! call me 614-246-4090 or cell#704-706-5396 or via email