Video: The Honey Brothers w/ Marky Ramone – “I Wanna Be Sedated” (live)

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So BoMA is now The Bluestone, and for the church-turned-club’s “inaugural event” last night, they brought in The Honey Brothers featuring Adrian Grenier aka Vinny Chase from Entourage. I did not realize this band existed before this week. (One band member’s name is Ari Gold.)

There was talk of a “surprise guest,” and it turned out to be Marky Ramone, who sat in on drums. (I think Ari Gold is playing ukulele.)

It all looks/sounds kinda awkward.

  • Larry

    As they say, I went for the show, but stayed for the party.

    I had never heard of the Honey Brothers before last week either, but this band put on a great show.

    I had attended fund raisers, weddings, and even a bar night when BoMA first opened. I always thought BoMA was a cool concept but seemed to be missing something. I think they figured it out… MUSIC.

    This town screamed for an event center that could actually put on a show and not treat you just like a “Ticket Price.” I am excited about this place. When is the next show?

    Top notch amenities, excellent prices, and great music.

    PS, I think they have the nicest restrooms of and concert / party place I have seen.

  • Larry- Good review. However, what I really want to know is…How was Garrett Morris as the emcee for the evening? Is he doing alright health-wise?

  • Jim

    I went to see JD Souther and thought the place was going to be the place to go to for great music.

    Does this place have an identity?

    Urban music


    Classic rock

    now Indie.

    What is it?