Thoughts on Jack White’s eBay Cash Grab and Record Store Day


There is a rebellion brewing among fans of Jack White’s label, Third Man Records, over the company’s decision to auction limited-edition releases to the highest bidder. After admitting that Third Man was inspired by profiteers who “flipped” the label’s releases on eBay, White has waded into the debate, telling critics to “stop all of the whining”. “We didn’t do anything to you but give you what you want,” he wrote. “Don’t want them to be expensive? Then guess what? Don’t WANT them.” (full story)

This dude is the lamest and so are his fan boys. If you can’t hang with people flipping YOUR collector versions then don’t make them. Oh wait… but would people buy them without some baseball card geekout feature?

Couple this with RSD Black Friday Edition it leads to believe that I’ll be able to sell my 90’s baseball card collection. Does anyone want a bedazzled Jerome Walton Rated Rookie with an unreleased boob shot taped to the back? First moron with a stiffy can have it for $75.

RSD and RSD Black Friday are luring the same people who would rather buy some Itunes stuff into record stores to buy some manufactured collectable. I mean, most of these people, IMO, have abandoned brick and mortar shops for the ease of ITunes/ downloads but the allure of getting in on the ground floor of something “collectable” is totally insane and will 100% fail when the general public no longer cares about “vinyls”. I’ve said it a million times, I don’t need a “holiday” to spend my money at a good record store.

It is sickening and I personally would rather spend my money on something ill. There are plenty of great records out new and reissued (and used!). Does the world need a “collectable” U2 record? Does the world need another U2 record period? Rock music ended with Les Rallizes Denudes. All these other dudes are false.

It bums me out to see all this major label trash getting issued for RSD. It’s a total cash grab. I read that you could buy the new George Benson on CD on Black Friday RSD (reg release date in Jan). COULD ANYONE CARE ABOUT GEORGE BENSON? ON A CD? I like taking smooth shits but smooth jazz can really fuck off.

  • Totally Dude

    Yeah, attempting to attract new customers to an independent record store is a terrible idea.

  • Matt

    I work at a record store. RSD might put out some crap, but there are people out there who want it. And believe me, the ones beating down the door are the same ones in there 1-3 times per week.

  • jill

    Totally dude, “the ones beating down the door are the same ones in there 1-3 times per week” may not necessarily translate into bringing new faces into a store.

    Promoting indie stores isn’t my point at all. Way off base, actually.

    My point is, by dangling what appears to be virtual gold in the faces of the buying public will eventually backfire and the whole thing reeks of crass commericalism. The whole concept is offensive when many stores are already stocked with great albums 365 days a year.

  • Tracy

    I think it’s a very stupid claim this guy just made. Do I want some F**K hole buying all the records and making a mint no way. I would rather see the artist or label get more of the money. I like their music and concept and I pay to be a platinum member. Since I do that I buy all three of them at $20 a piece. Sure I could flip them on ebay or any of my Vault packages but I don’t. The real fan and the real musician is who he is looking out for and I think what he did was brilliant. It’s going to be hard for any non member to get one and people will flip them online and get rich in the process. Again I would rather see third man get the money and keep putting out great stuff.

  • Totally Dude

    Jill – I think I understand what you are trying to say, but I am having trouble connecting the Third Man story and Record Store Day. I am only commenting on the U2 type record store day offerings. I hardly see how trying to attract new customers to your shop by offering something they know they want so they can see other the great albums you stock every day is crass? Is there a better way to get customers into your shop the other 364 days?

  • jill

    Sorry, it comes from two different rants.

    RSD, I feel, is gross in idea. If a majority of the RSD releases were issued on a regular Tuesday there wouldn’t be a murmur. When it is released as some sort of manufactured collectable it comes off as a cash- in, IMO.

    Remember when “chase cards” in sports cards were all the rage? If you didn’t have some hyper rarity for people to hunt down then your cards were forever destined to sit on the shelf of the grocery. I feel that this is nearly the same for RSD and Third Man. Cards no longer were a hobby for kids but rather hyper collector business nerds except now it will be a hobby for mouth breathing, anti social nerds with rough elbows.

  • Weedsteeler

    live mixtapes dot com for life browe.

  • Totally Dude

    Ah yes, chase cards…I remember those bastards(!) I was chasing comics with variant covers around that time!

  • Jill

    Same principal as variant comic covers. Simply a created rarity to put people into a frenzy and generate a buzz. In my mind, anything created to be a collectable is a piece of junk and should be sold on QVC or whatever it’s called nowadays.

  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    in thru the outdoor brough.

  • Jill

    First, it’s not my blog. My blog was seized by the government.
    Second, I’ll fix it for you.

    Rock music ended with Coldplay.

  • Artful L.A. Dodger


  • Jill

    I’m the best writer The Other Paper ever had. Rather be there than working with some god fearing cowards at the Alive.

  • jpmcg4

    Jill – I’m with you all the way except for the slag on the lads from Dublin. The fan club 3xLP “Artificial Horizon” holds several decent cuts imo (esp. the Crazy Tonight remix) and was a nice bone to throw.

  • Artful L.A. Dodger


  • Joel (not Oliphint)

    I am in the camp of, you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. Don’t get your panties in a bunch because YOU don’t want a specific release, or just cause YOU don’t think they are worth the money. Like you yourself said, there are plenty of other good records every other day.

    I am a huge music fan, always have been. Also always had a thing with Collecting, weather it be legos, tiki mugs, rocks, stamps…

    Only thing I collect now is records. I happen to be a Jack White fan boy since the year 2000. I used to get all the new releases right away from the band or the store. I had to give up that idea years ago once third man and the pop up shops started.

    My point is, I collect things / records because I enjoy it. I spend what I feel like spending on a record. If you don’t like it, don’t buy them, don’t collect them, don’t stress about them. Why do you care what other people choose to spend there money on? Who are you to tell me what I like to do for a fun hobby is wrong?

    Oh and arguing that selling a bunch of LIMITED pressings is a cash grab…that’s kind of a silly thing don’t ya think?