MP3: Jay Electronica “Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute) feat Tone Treasure”

MP3:Jay Electronica- Jazzmataz

Jay Electronica is rocking over the same Group Home loop that Blueprint used on an interlude on thee Envelope album Sharkbolt.

I think it is impossible for anyone to not make me happy when they state the world weighs 6 Sextillion Tons.

Seriously, say 6 Sextillion around anyone worth a shit, and they will smile. abbracradabra.

  • weed steeler

    satanic metal is a good thing but when it comes to wrap the devil can make things kinda get ICP-sih real quick….. as a genre why doesnt horror rap work as well as NSBM?

  • wes flexner

    5 Percenter and Nuawabians bring to the table what nsbm does for Scandnavians. So there is no reason to bring scary make-up into the picture.
    Except of the Gravediggaz.
    plus who needs ghosts when there is guns.

  • weed steeler

    “who needs ghosts when you have guns”

    hopefully that becomes a new event i can go to.

  • kitaro

    soul clap v mystery religion

  • weed steeler

    ewwww! who has the clap? give us the goss!!!!!