Interview: Page Hamilton of Helmet

It’s always cool to be able to chat with guys in bands that you’ve been listening to for nearly 20 years. A few months ago Helmet rolled through Columbus on the Seeing Eye Dog tour and founding Helmet member Page Hamilton was kind enough to let us hop aboard the band’s tour bus to chat for a few minutes.

Though Helmet’s style of music and Hamilton’s barking-style vocals may lead you to believe that he’s an unapproachable guy, that couldn’t be further from the truth as you’ll see. We’ve boiled down the 25-minute conversation to a digestible 4-minute overview here.

Thanks to Jason Sidwell and Nathan Photos of Electraplay for filming, producing and editing this video.

  • bonobo

    Ah, memories. 20 years ago I interviewed Mr. Hamilton in what the person who set up the interview called later, possibly accurately, “the worst interview of all time.”