Video: Times New Viking as tour guide

Times New Viking gave Rhapsody a tour of TNV-relevant Columbus spots as part of the website’s “Guide to the Galaxy” feature. There’s CCAD, Topiary Garden, Wexner Center w/ fast-forwarded Jerry Dannemiller & Matt Horseshit cameos, Blue Danube, Kyle & Lost Weekend, Musicol (sorta) and Bourbon St. (“You ever see Kings of Leon change a trash bag?”)

Because Rhapsody is really cutting-edge, they decided not to give an embed option, so that’s a smaller-sized hack version. Bigger video here.

New Times New Viking album in 2011. If it sounds anything remotely like “No Room to Live” I will love it. 300%.

  • weed steeler

    people still go to the blue danube?
    that place is not only a dump but the food is horrible.

  • Tom

    “New Times New Viking album in 2011. I will love it. 300%.”

    Fixed that for ya.

  • Joel

    Why did they show the Staples on West Broad? I worked there for awhile, my car got jacked there too, good times.

  • C DUB YA

    The “mall” she worked at was Easton, they show a Staples on West Broad. Not exactly the same thing.

  • who blacked her eye?

  • kobe

    Me, nigga!

  • Vlad Divac

    Shaq you hurt my feelings.