Posters: This weekend in Columbus (+ mp3)

Fewer posters this week, so here’s an mp3 to make up for it. Don’t know why I slept on Way Yes previously. Good stuff.

MP3: Way Yes – Walkability

More info here. Poster by Yoni Mizrachi of Maza Blaska.

More info here.

  • weed steeler

    Digital flyers…..

  • Joel Oliphint

    Yeah. Been wondering about that dichotomy when posting these. Concert poster/flyer vs. digital mock-up/pseudo flyer. Or is the latter just a part of the evolving definition of the former?

  • weed steeler

    …i feel liek if a flyer is for the internet it needs to designed diffrently than if it were a poster….but im not going to get into my ideas…in the comments section.