presents Live at Electraplay: Tim Kasher of Cursive (+mp3)

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MP3: Tim Kasher – Just Don’t Get Caught (Live at Electraplay)

Sometimes when you put a mic in front of an indie musician and tell him to talk, it’s like he’s never seen a mic before. Suddenly, talking about a song’s meaning or origin is akin to destroying the song. (This doesn’t happen with hip-hop artists.) So it’s refreshing when a guy like Tim Kasher of Cursive is willing and ready to talk about how a song came into being. Check out the preambles to the single-song videos, or at the bottom of the post for the full-length interview.

Tim Kasher’s The Game of Monogamy is out now on Saddle Creek ($5 at Amazon).

Bad, Bad Dreams
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Just Don’t Get Caught
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The Prodigal Husband
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Full-length interview
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  • Robert Duffy

    this session came out great!

  • Yuri

    Great session! I hope the other live songs will also be available on mp3 soon!

  • Ashley

    Dylan forgot to wear plaid! Some handsome gold threads in the busker’s.

  • dara

    LOVE IT.
    Thnx. :D

  • Tommy Smothers

    I really enjoyed “Just Don’t Get Caught,” which I hadn’t heard to this point–I thought that it could have worked on the record. Hopefully it will stay in the rotation and thanks for the session.

  • Richard Smothers

    Has anyone seen my brother Tommy.