The Black Keys on SNL, Sell Ton of Vinyl Too

The Black Keys performed Tighten Up and Howlin’ For You last night on SNL. It was great seeing them on a rare funny episode of the show (thanks Jim Carrey!).

In related Keys news, overall industry vinyl sales were up 14% in 2010 thanks in part to the band:

The 10 top-selling vinyl artists and artists in 2010 were split 60/40 between indie acts and heritage acts. The top three selling vinyl albums were the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” (35,000 units sold), the Arcade Fire’s “Suburbs” (18,800 units), and Black Keys “Brothers” (18,400 units). The top three selling vinyl artists were the Beatles (36,700 units), Black Keys (36,000 units), and Radiohead (30,500 units). (full story)

Here’s a video of the other song they performed last night: