MP3:Npayshint “Stretchin’ Freestyle”

MP3: NP-Stretchin’

NP from Thought Set twittered this little freestyle. Dude is dope.  You might remember him as the third guy on RJD2’s Ason’s Cycle. Anyway, this is just a warm-up that has the Columbus MC rappin’ over a looped up beat.

  • swag

  • this freestyle is good but i don’t like this guy too much. I remember I saw him at the slice of columbus and he pushed me down and took my pizza. I mean come on man, there’s all this free pizza and you gotta take the next man’s pizza like that? Shit is real

  • wes flexner

    he wanted the paper plate. he is a militant recycler.

  • bAdiNflueNce

    Yo…shyt was even better my 2nd time hearing it….he rip and he rhyme..he ryhme and he rip…hot fire

  • G

    DOPE G

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