presents Live at Electraplay: Everest

The guys in Everest have a pretty good story to tell, from their quick beginnings (recording an EP at their first full-band practice) to being handpicked by Neil Young to join his label (Vapor Records) and open for him on his 2008 arena tour (where Death Cab for Cutie played the middle slot on the first half and Wilco played on the second half) to their move to Warner Bros. records in 2010. We were lucky enough to catch these guys on the way up – days after shooting this session, Everest was the musical guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Although Everest seemingly has it made, living out in the L.A. area where there’s nothing but surf and sun, we are pretty convinced that if it weren’t for the brutal Ohio winters, they would have moved into the Electraplay Studios.

"I’ve Had This Feeling Before"

"House of Nines"


  • woosley

    Sounds great. “I’ve had this feeling before” feels like ELO doing a disco-pornesque Radiohead and “House of Nines” is like Tom Petty plays Spoon or vice versa. Or something like that.

  • womp womp

    im sure tons of bands are waiting with bated breath for their chance to move into a protools LE studio that has line 6 amps and a midi controller.

  • We don’t even have protools I’m afraid. That’s why it sounds so good.

  • Mark

    Love these guys and the sound is awesome!

    I’m going to be searching for more of their stuff for sure…

  • womp womp

    Bitches on my dick cus i look like Mayor Coleman.