Times New Viking Signs To Merge Records

Pitchfork Media formally announced ┬áColumbus’s own Times New Viking has signed to Merge Records. The new album is called Dancer Equired. It will be released April 25, 2011 in America.

Wichita Recordings will release the album in Europe. Pop Frenzy in Australia. and Big Nothing will put Dancer Equired out in Japan.

Above is the video for the first single off of Dancer Equired, “No Room to Live”. It has TNV walking around Washington Beach to Cafe Bourbon Street, while the frames are altered by 40 artists from Columbus, Ohio and beyond.

Brandon Reichard and Pelham Johnston directed the video.

  • samchecker

    It’s a freakin’ great song… and I hope it’s not too much to point out that it owes a lot to “Before We Stopped to Think”…which I hope was the reason for the very brief photo shoutout to Ron…

  • Big ups to Brandon and TNV
    Merge is timeless