Video: Grmmface – “Buster Douglas”

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Seems like Columbus rapper Grmm has always been dope and around. Here he is rapping over the Charmels aka CREAM in a way that is specifically raw Columbus regardless of the sample origin.

  • womp womp

    LOL @ “promoters actin’ homo”

    the kid is dope.

  • shits raw. i can dig it…

  • weedsteeler

    im fuckn with it.
    dude got a tape or anything?

  • wes flexner

    I have a download I’m gonna put up tomorrow. Grmm is down with Jakki, and was on his last ep. He had an album out a couple years ago.

  • weedsteeler

    sick sick.

  • Seance

    he also made the video….thats my brethren

  • Jimi

    Love the bedroom rapping shots. Whole video is nice. Buster Douglas lived in the apartments by Dodge, yeah? Last shot of downtown is how I feel.

  • djpos2

    yeah man, sick video and song.

    we need more grmm. n/h

  • He has a couple albums out now check him out at for the free Rogue Hero Album. He also all over youtube. My dude is on fire been watchin him go at this 4 years ……… Good shit Grmm keep it goin…..KJ