Wilco Leaves Nonesuch, Starts New Label “dBpm Records” Being Distributed via Anti-

Chicago’s rock ‘n’ roll shape-shifters Wilco have formed their own label, dBpm Records, whose releases will be distributed and marketed by eclectic Silver Lake independent Anti- Records. A full announcement is expected soon.

“This is an idea we’ve discussed for years,” Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy said via his publicist. “We really like doing things ourselves, so having our own label feels pretty natural to me. And, to be working with Anti- — a label that was started by a punk rock guy to sell his own records — seems like a perfect fit for us.” (full story)

PS – I think I’m gonna go to Solid Sound Festival this year.

  • weedsteeler

    i was under the impression they had broken up like ten years ago?

  • Robert Duffy

    yeah if you want to come over i will play all the records for you. we can eat hummus too and drink a fine wine….!