Video: P Blackk “Bussin’ Rhymes” (Whoo-Haa Freestyle)

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P.Blackk is the shit.. I know that is a trite thing to say. But every time this dude does something, I am like…this little motherfucker gets it.

At the BTW show he came out to a Malcolm X speech, and informed the crowd that he wasn’t gonna intergrate.

I don’t take that as a diss to anyone.

I just looked at it as a proclamation that his goal isn’t to be, just the cool looking guy, making the hip rap of the moment. He is rooted.

Anyway, if you watch this clip, which is has Blackk rapping over the Busta Rhyme’s classic,”Who-Haa”, it is evident that P.Blackk is open to alot of things, can rap and possesses a good sense of style and humor.

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