MP3: Kurt Vile – “Jesus Fever” + NPR album stream

MP3: Kurt Vile – Jesus Fever

Kurt Vile aka Philly’s constant hitmaker never goes too long without releasing some new music. Matador released his last batch of songs, the Square Shells EP, for free (for a day), and next week the label will release the psych/folk-rocker’s latest full-length, Smoke Ring for My Halo. Matt Horseshit once said Vile’s music was like “shaving your face off… but pretty.” This new one leans more toward pretty than face-scraping, but it’s still easy to cobble together his divergent influences — Dylan, the Swell Maps and classic-rock radio (try to listen to “Puppet to the Man” without thinking of Deep Purple or Blue Oyster Cult).

NPR and Spinner pretty much have a monopoly on full album streams these days. The former nabbed the full stream of Smoke Ring for My Halo. Listen here.

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