Wu-Tang Clan and COD Crew’s Rejected Super Gameboy Ad

Wane, reas, wen, relm, jesto, rock a landmark wall in williamsburg brooklyn in 1993 for nintendo corp . the wall was painted entirely with spray paint & live action sequences were filmed. the music was produced by prince paul with voiceovers featuring wu-tang’s rza & ole’ dirty bastard. the video was banned from networks for being too ill.

(I Dedicate this post to Wes Flexner)

(via Vulture)

  • Wes Flexner

    hah..i’d been at house that has all the vimoe and you tube blocked for 36 hours.
    i was seriously like, “duffy is posting about COD crew”
    that shit is crazy

    reminds me of the Wu St. Ides Commercial

  • djpos2