MP3: Thurston Moore “Benediction”

MP3: Benediction

Ain’t gonna lie – when I heard Beck was producing the new Thurston Moore solo album I was skeptical. Love the first half of Beck’s career WITH MY LIFE but the second half has left me bruised and betrayed.

But then…….!!!!! I heard this first song and all worries vanished. “Benediction” is pure bliss and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Demolished Thoughts comes out May 24 via Matador on 2XLP/digital/CD.

Special Note to Sonic Youth non-fans: Give this a listen. Don’t worry, your ears won’t “hurt” due to the “crazy feedback” and “experimental noise.” Seriously, download it twice. I wish I could download this right inside your ear holes for you.

  • weedsteeler

    gonna go out on a limb and say he’s not relevant anymore, with his old ass.

  • Chad

    It’s okay. Strings are too loud/prominent. Definitely Beck-sounding. On a related and more worry-vanishing tip, in my mind, is Donovan’s 1996 Album, ‘Sutras’.

  • jon

    love SY and this song rules equally as hard