Video:Elzhi “Halftime”

Detroit’s ELzhi continues with his “Elmatic” project where he raps over various Illmatic instrumentals.

This video is pretty slick, as a live band plays the instrumental of Nas’ Halftime.

Elzhi’s “ELmatic” will be available for free download on 5.10.11 at

Sidenote: I read an interview along time ago with Nas about Halftime. He said he was inspired by a quote in a James Joyce story, called A Little Cloud from Dubliners.
The quote goes something like this:

“Little Chandler remembered (and the remembrance brought a slight flush of pride to his cheek) one of Ignatius Gallaher’s sayings when he was in a tight corner:
“Half time now, boys,” he used to say light-heartedly. “Where’s my considering cap?”

So in a roundabout way, this is James Joyce influenced Hip Hop. Too bad no one has a roundtable of Nas and 3rd Bass discussing Joyce.

  • Dan

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  • did this dude just spam a comment?

    and does this dudes voice sound like rass kass or is that just me?

  • and thats not a bad thing…

  • Big L Back

    I don’t think he sounds like Rass Kass.
    I wanna know why Elzhi is incapable of making an original album.

  • adubsupreme


    Have you not checked out the ‘Preface’? Just because an artist releases a tribute to a classic album does not make him ‘incapable’.

  • Big L Back

    Preface was as mediocre as it gets.