Thursday: Awolnation @ The Basement (sold out)

Before last week I had never heard any of their music nor did I know anything about Awolnation. Then, I heard that Blind Melon’s guitarist Christopher Thorn will be touring as part of the band all summer so I decided it was time to learn more.

Turns out the band is the brainchild of the former singer of a band called Under the Influence of Giants and that Thorn produced that band’s last CD so his involvement with Awolnation makes sense.

There’s something about Awolnation’s techno-white-guy-soul music that reminds me a bit of the ’90s one-hit wonder, New Radicals. It’s more modern sounding (well, I’m not sure that anything described as “techno” can be considered “modern” in 2011) but I think there are some similarities between the two. Most likely these guys will be a little blip on a big radar screen but it’s pretty fun stuff to listen to.

This song/video are a little more TV on Radio than the New Radicals but the rest of the CD is dancey, techno-pop.

Awolnation plays a sold-out show at The Basement on Thursday night. Locals Matte Black Silhouettes open the show. Doors are at 6:30 and typically the first band goes on an hour after doors open.

  • Catsup

    heard their song on the radio. purely putrid

  • mikeL

    saw this band on tv, thought i saw the guitarist from blind melon, listened, horrified.

  • Rebecca