Photos: Nelsonville day 3 – Over the Rhine, Wanda Jackson, Neko Case, mud

(Day 2 photos coming soon, courtesy Cary Whitt.)

Mud & Music, that was Day 3 of Nelsonville. Lots of both. Mud isn’t quite as interesting to photograph, though, so here’s some bands.

Over the Rhine

Wanda Jackson
I was a little worried when I saw the “Queen of Rockabilly” making her way, very slowly, to the stage. But unlike George Jones, Jackson can still sing. Not just “ok for an old lady.” I mean really sing. Yodel, too. Looks (which kinda scared me) can be deceiving.

Neko Case

Michael Hurley
As usual, the No-Fi Cabin was one of my favorite retreats. So many great performances here over the weekend, especially Michael Hurley, Eve Searls and Adam Remnant.

Fest organizer & Stuart’s Opera House head honcho Tim Peacock

Best steak sandwich in Ohio

Full set

  • Woosley

    I thought George Jones was a little hoarse. Still sounds like George Jones to me, though: the greatest country singer ever.