The Antlers Call Columbus’ Cafe Bourbon St “one of the worst places ever to play”


Joel has been a fan of The Antlers for a long time, and when he asked about some of their early shows playing Columbus, he struck a nerve:

Joel: I was thinking about Hospice, and how it was kind of a game-changer for you guys. I remember when it first came out. I really liked it, and I went to see you guys in the summer of ’09 here in Columbus, Ohio, at a place called Cafe Bourbon Street…
Darby Cicci: Ohhh… [whimpers, moans]

Joel: So you remember that?
Cicci: Ohhh… We played there twice.

Joel: I just saw the one.… It was completely empty.
Cicci: Yeah, both times were completely empty. Cafe Bourbon Street has long marred my thoughts of touring as being one of the worst places ever to play. Nothing against Columbus. I love Columbus. One time when we played the stage was covered in broken glass. It wasn’t dangerous or anything, but for almost a year we were still finding pieces of broken glass in our pedal boards and stuff. Somebody would ask, “Where’d these little pieces of glass come from?” Cafe Bourbon Street. (full interview)

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