Comfest 2011 Music Schedule

Comfest has posted the 2011 Music Schedule using a difficult to read PDF tool.

I was surprised that they didn’t put Phantods on the Main Stage. Also surprised there was so many bands I don’t know.

AND JUST IN TIME FOR COMFEST: We’ve brought back the Donewaiting Friendship Farm Message Board. Don’t call it a comeback. Unless you want to.

  • At least there are still friends, fresh air and fishboats

    Wow, I can’t say that I’ve ever been less excited about a COMFEST musical line-up. Why don’t they just throw the party at Woodland’s Tavern instead of making all those bands drag their equipment to Goodale Park?

  • Garmak

    VERY confusing website. I gave up trying to find the see the band schedule.. so ill take the word of the last comment saying not impressed with bands. Now i know why everyone says dont bother to look at because it will make my head spin hahahaha

  • sandy

    It says 2011 music schedule. But when I clicked it, I only saw chaos and confusion.I was expecting to see the 2011 band schedule

  • Phillip J Fry

    I’ve actually seen a great number of these bands over the last year or so. I’m glad they’re finally getting some recognition… albeit not by people who have spent the last year only seeing their friends’ same 3 bands. You might be surprised that Columbus has talented bands that you don’t already hang out at Bodega with.
    But really? Phantods, Lost Revival, Wet Darlings, Spruce Campbells, Wing and Tusk, Envelope, Town Monster, Lackluster, Alert New London, Karate Coyote, Way Yes, Yellow Light Maybe. All of these bands have been playing out regularly. I’m not in any of them, and I’ve seen them all. If you don’t support local music the rest of the year, you don’t get to judge it come Comfest.

  • Davey Jones

    Once you get to the 2011 Program Guide, click the PDF icon on the top right. This will take you to the actual PDF file which is much easier to read and navigate.