Video: Lupe Fiasco vs. Bill O’Reilly. U-mad

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Lupe Fiasco’s song “Word’s I Never Said” spoke critically on school funding cuts, the War on Terror, Israel, Muslims that commit violence, and rappers that solely looking to Tupac for rebellion.

Bill O’reilly didn’t like Lupe’s statements about the War on Terror. So Bill brought in Fiasco on his program for a debate.

So there has been two discussions going:
1.How did Lupe do?

2.Did he do better than Cam’ron and Dame Dash’s infamous “U-MAD” segment vs. O’Reilly?
Obviously, Lupe was speaking more seriously.
But did he own O’Reilly like Cam did?
Cam’ron’s U-mad segment after the jump

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  • irongoat81

    it seems pretty obvious to me that o’reilly just misinterpreted fiasco’s artistic use of the word ‘terrorist’. leave it to the media to take art out of context….