Wonderland abandoning Wonder Bread factory

The Other Paper is reporting that Wonderland’s plan to turn the old Wonder Bread factory into a mixed-use creative space isn’t happening:

Wonderland’s ambitious plan to transform the site of Columbus’s old Wonder Bread factory into a mixed-use Mecca for artists and musicians won’t come to fruition.

That’s according to an email that Wonderland executive director Adam Brouillette sent to supporters — that was then leaked to The Other Paper Wednesday afternoon.

In a story published Feb. 24, Brouillette told TOP: “We’re trying to …drive home the point that Wonderland is a concept,” adding, “If the building goes away, the project doesn’t go away.”

Wonderland changed the address listed on its Facebook page Wednesday from the former Wonder Bread factory (697 N. Fourth St.) to 851 N. Pearl St. — the current address of the rent-a-desk co-working community, Sandbox.

  • john brown

    “Indie Art Capital of the World” takes a damaging body blow

  • Biff Daniels

    Nothing could be further from “Indie Art Capital” than Wonderland. The demise of this BS and running the leadership out of town would be the best thing to ever happen to Art in Columbus.

  • weed steeler (m.)

    what art in columbus?

    i love that people actually pretended this was going to happen.

  • mehmet Okur

    I guess clicking your boat shoes together 3 times doesnt make dreams come true

  • Bazan

    It takes a lot of effort to hold onto property and then to develop it. The details of this deal, like all other deals is just drama. Cbus has a wonderful art scene and it exists under many roofs. There is alot to learn from this by other non profits.

  • Sam

    The lesson is don’t team up with shady partners, boast about all the money to be made and truly be a worthy cause instead of smoke and mirrors.