Another festival?! Music Week Columbus: Sept. 14-16

Ok, so right after the Megacity Music Marathon, but just before Independents’ Day (and less than a month before the Ohio Film+Music Festival) comes another Columbus music festival called Music Week Columbus, brought to you by the folks at CD101@102.5, Kobo and Electraplay. Here’s the initial lineup:

The Town Monster
Donora (Pittsburgh)
Sewing Machine War (Youngstown)
Way Yes
1,2,3 (pittsburgh)
Wet Darlings
Milano (Chicago)
Ennui (Pittsburgh)
Moon High
Megachurch (Cleveland)
Karate Coyote
Night Life (Ann Arbor)
Black Antler (live debut)
Winter Makes Sailors
Bethesda (Kent)
Boca Chica (Pittsburgh)
Tin Armor
Fort Wilson Riot (minneapolis)
Dew Droppers
Alleyes Path
Saturday Giant
Future Days (Cleveland)
Herzog (Cleveland)
Nik and the Central Plains (pittsburgh)
Ghost Shirt
White Wolves
Beast Make Bomb (Brooklyn)
Alert New London
Narrow and the Brights
This Is My Suitcase
Maza Blaska