Sigur Ros “Inni” – WTF is it?

This video just appeared on the Sigur Ros website:

New album? New tour? New something. Speculation, between.

  • To me, it looks like a live album/DVD along the lines of what Jónsi did for his album. That’s rather exciting, considering Jónsi’s album and live DVD were both phenomenal releases. This also looks to be pretty artsy. Big surprise; it’s Sigur Rós. I can also guess that this is meant to fill the gap between new albums. Sigur Rós is infamous for scrapping complete albums when they don’t like them, sometimes multiple times.

  • Jake

    Inni is Icelandic for “Inside.” I’m guessing there’s a movie in the works, but we’ll see…

  • Azure

    This came up a few days ago. And knowing Daniel Bjarnason, he won’t disappoint.

  • bz

    The concert pics look very much like their November 2008 tour stage with the water fountains and all. I did see a film crew on the Victoria Palace concerts. Hope this is it. It was one of the more powerful performance and stage work I have seen !

  • sigur59