MP3: Icebird (RJD2 and Aaron Livingston) “Going And Going. And Going” (Illvibe and RJD2 Remixes)

MP3: Icebird (RJD2 & Aaron Livingston) “Going and Going and Going” (RJD2 RMX)
MP3: Icebird (RJD2 & Aaron Livingston) “Going and Going and Going” (Illvibe RMX)

Two Weeks ago ICEBIRD (RJD2 and Aaron Livingston) leaked their first single,“Going and Going. And Going,” off their upcoming album the Abandon Lullaby which drops October 11th. Now Icebird is back with two official remixes. One by the Columbus ex-pat, and one by Sonny James of the Ill Vibe Collective.

“I always liked how 12 inch releases back in the ’90s had multiple remixes of the same song,” RJ speaking on the reasoning behind the remixes. “Fans could choose and debate, argue the different versions and which they liked more.”

RJ’s remix is reminiscent of his sophmore album Since We Last Spoke.

And the Ill Vibe remix is dubbed out. “The Illvibe remix does a great job to really re-envision the track in a dub style,” RJ remarks about the later mix, “When that beat drops, it was the last thing I expected, but it’s a great groove; the Hammond organ – it really makes sense with original.”

Icebird will be playing at Skully’s in Columbus 10/08/11 as part of the Ohio Film and Music Festival.
Buy tickets here.

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