MP3:Lil Wayne “It’s Good” ft Drake & Jadakiss (Jay-z Diss?)

MP3: Lil Wayne “It’s Good” Ft Drake & Jadakiss (Jay-z Diss)

Welp…on H-A-M Jay-z said, “I’m like really half a billi n*gga/ Really you got baby money/ Keep it real with n*ggas/ N*ggas ain’t got my lady money.”

Lil Wayne took it as a subliminal & took a subliminal shot at Jay-z on It’s Good off the Carter IV  responding as such, “Talking about baby money/I got your baby money/Kidnap your bitch/Get that how much you love your lady money/ I know you fake n*gga/ Press your breaks n*gga/ I’ll take you out/ thats a date n*gga.” Then later Wayne says, “throw that alley-oop to Drake Griffin”…

Something else to think about after the jump…

Last week Game said he had sex Erykah Badu, and Lebron James’s mom on a song with Lil Wayne on it. Jay Electronica is on Roc Nation, correct and has a child with Erykah Badu’s, correct? Lebron and Jay-z are friends, correct?
And Game already did his version of Otis.

Foreshadowing World War IV or just some playful shots to create excitement?

The Carter IV Drops August 28th at Midnight.

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  • Fuck wat u niggas talkin bout, Wayne killed dat nigga. Tell jigga to keep his mouth closed when it comes to young money (the hottest fuckin label in da game right now). Why you think he didnt respond when jay came at him, like he told mtv (imma play off of it), as he did, and killed dat nigga. “Kidnap yo bitch, and get that, how much you love yo lady money”. haaaa, ymcmb nigga

    • Dillusional Idiot

      @Jreed. You are the dumbest prick I have ever heard. 1st. Shady/Aftermath is the hottest label in the game. Em & Royce would kill that pussy Lil Wayne. As for Jay, even he would destroy that little pre pubescent faggot. Get your dick outa waynes mouth you homo! Lol Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady!

      • niceee


    • jisback

      nigga please. be serious. jay can rock anybody.

      “I’m like really half a billi n*gga/ Really you got baby money/ Keep it real with n*ggas/ N*ggas ain’t got my lady money.”

      jreed where the fuck u from. u lame ass nigga. jay and kanye can rock whoever by themselves. you know it clown. imagine if the roc would of never broke up. lol

  • Oscadagrouch

    Lil Wayne is as fake as they come. If the his dumb ass listened. Jay-Z was talkin about infant money. Lil Wayne is not even a topic Jay would cross. He dont mean shit too Mr. Carter. How he a CEO n get offended if he got money. Lil Wayne need to get off the cough syrup n use his fuckin brain. Or loose the skinny jeans his child sounding ass.

  • weed steeler (m.)

    jayz basically is saying his women controls him

  • watch the throne

    Lil wayne makes no fuckingggggggggg sense when he rapes he sounds like a 5th grader freestyling during recess. when it comes to beef jay-z is going to finish this nigga and end his career. young money vs roc nation and one more thing . “im rapping on the beats yall niggas was suppose to buy ,im using then now so can say im getting high off my own supply “smh – kanye . young money full of shitty producers.

  • positive K

    damnnn, what grade school did you go to where the 5th grade freestyling sounded like rape?

  • Can’t you faggot ass people see that i don’t give a fuck what yall think, yall pussy just like jay-z pussy. Yall never seen the video leading up to all the comotion, dumb asses, lol, and if all these so called rappers could kill wayne in rappin, where da fuck they at then, haaaa. Why is it everytime i turn on the radio, it’s a wayne song, or somebody that has him as a feature on their song, check the bilboards stupid. Drake, Niki Minaj, DJ Khaled, and Wayne. Facts. See, it don’t matter how he sounds or wat you bitches think of him, he gettin money and runnin dis rap shit right now. Watch the sales of Carter VI, Then talk shit

  • I’m laughin at yall hatin asses, cause i knw yall mad your fav rapper aint doin a fraction of wat wayne and young money doin, lmao. 6’7, how to love, she will, i’m on one, super bass, all no 1 in da country right now. fuck outta here. you bitch ass niggaz tickle me. aint nobody thinkin bout eminem or gay-z right now. If they wouldna drop that wtt shit, nobody would be fuckin wit them, and wayne just overtook that spot with the carter vi leak. Eat a dick (wayne voice), see, yall dont have to like me or wayne, but i bet yo bitch do, haaaa. Now respond, cause i dnt give a fuk wat you say, imma feel da way i feel regardless, clowns. If any of your fav rappers can fuck wit wayne, until they do so, SHUT DA FUCK UP, wayne been runnin dis rap shit forever now. I dnt wanna hear about wat a mufucka can or will do, talk about wats happening righ now. YMCMB til i die, puss-ass niggaz

  • Johny

    @Jreed —- Jreed your a wayne cocksucker !…. your a little bitch get off of wayne tiny dick (Wayne’s Voice)

  • EverythingAlwaysFreshBlog
  • YMCMB haaaaaaaaa

  • r.

    jay is a bitch, killa season all year round.

  • @ Jreed

    Eminem? Kanye? Jay Z? Nas? Krs one? Cannibus? I can go on 4 ever. Biggie is and 4 dver will be the best. But alive, EMINEM is the best. Em iz on a COMPLETELY different level than wayne. His flow, and complex rhymes beat wayne anyday. Wayne knows this. He said himself; he wouldnt fuck wit eminem. Kanye makez MUCH better music and has more susbtance. Jay Z’s mad flow KILLS wayne.

  • G-hov

    these niggaz on some cough syrup o wat…i mean,wayne got his stoopid punchlines dat got hm sales n these faggots think hes bright, IT TOOK DESE NIGGAZ (THREE OF EM) A WHOLE VERSE each TO REPLY TO JIGGA’Z ONE LINE???..whos ridin whos dk nw

  • carter IV is no1 on itunes, haaaaa, fuck watch the throne, and it’s bout to sell a million copies, lets see wat u lame ass niggaz got to say den, it’s quiet den a church mouse in dis bitch, i can hear crickets, young mula bitches

  • Troll Triple 7

    The beef started when Birdman said he had more money than Jay Z. This is not true and never will be. Oh, and don’t be fooled by number one hits. Just because dumb people everywhere are buying the album doesn’t make the artist great. Those people are dumb with money to spend. LP sales don’t mean shit anymore, thats why WTT cd is free when you buy tix to see the show. Now Young Money is good, but them niggas don’t want to see Jay Electronica or J-Cole, and even Lil Wayne’s collabs on that song are backing out of the beef-leaving him alone to handle his own business. I also got a problem with niggas coming back at your wife and not you. What does he want to battle Beyonce now?

  • Jay z is a grown ass man.Wayne is just sum kid on coke.

  • rod

    lil wayne da best