MP3: Cheater Slicks “Bruno’s Night Out (Live at Carabar)”

MP3: Bruno’s Night Out (live)

I’ma just let Columbus Discount tell it:

There are a few key things that make Columbus Ohio, in a cultural sense, a truly great city to live in. We are close to many ancient Native American earthworks, we’ve got the Wexner Center for the Arts, and we get to see the Cheater Slicks play live about twice a month. The raw power of the Slicks in Columbus on a good night, in a dirty club at 2:15AM, playing to 15 people really is one of the all time great rock and roll experiences.

The Cheater Slicks are nothing to fuck with in the studio, but when they are on a stage playing at crushing volumes and unleashing some of purest negative energy this side of a Celine novel, there is nothing like it. I’m rambling, but the point is, this is not one of those live records that was thrown together as some kind of vanity project for the band or something, this is a document of a very important part of what the Cheater Slicks are.

Cheater Slicks – Live, Vol. 1: 2010 is part of what will ultimately be a three LP collection and features 8 live cuts, highlighting a few of the best songs of the Cheater Slicks 20+ year career. The track list is assembled from three shows The Slicks performed in 2010, and the recordings were done on mobile multi-track recorders in order to accurately document the always powerful, often unhinged experience of Cheater Slicks live.

Edition of 500 LP’s. 100 clear, 400 black.

Where to buy this record after the jump:

These will be at Used Kids, Lost Weekend, Elizabeth’s, the Wexner Center, and Spoonful by Friday.

If you wanna do mailorder is live now

Or you can start checking with the following guys around the beginning of next week.

Stores can buy through Matador Direct or Revolver USA if you can’t get ahold of one of us directly.

Also, you can still try to scour these stores and links if you don’t have a Psandwich LP yet. They are getting rare, but they are out there somewhere.

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