Wednesday: FRIENDS @ Ace of Cups

Despite our youthful good looks and our unbounded energy, most of the Donewaiting writers aren’t the youngest kids on the web. It doesn’t mean we don’t keep our fingers on the pulse of all the blogworthy bands, but when we hear a band like FRIENDS, the Brooklyn-based 5-piece performing Wednesday night at Ace of Cups (2619 N. Hight St.) along with The Ganglians, our first reference point is Luscious Jackson rather than Zola Jesus.

Check out the early ’90s-influenced video for “I’m His Girl”.

Doors open at 9pm for this Ben Co. Presents show. Tickets are $7 and it’s a 21-and-over concert.

Friends – Sampler by LuckyNumberMusic

  • Tom W.

    It all sounds like a Lushious Jackson demo. I’ll stay at home and play some In Search of Manny instead.